5 of the most fun ways to celebrate your birthday

Photo by Will Clayton

We have all, at some point in our lives, suffered the dilemma of deciding how to celebrate our birthday. Spending hours on end searching the web for innovative and original ideas before ultimately giving up and heading down to the local for a pint. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate your next birthday…

1. Experience day – if money is no object, this might be an idea for you. Experience days have become more and more popular recently, with companies such as Virgin offering package deals. You can choose anything from a supercar driving experience, to skydiving, or even paintballing. Though experience days can cost quite a lot, the chance to try something new is definitely worth the money.

2. Cocktail party – if experience days sound like the idea for you, but the price is out of your range, this idea can be a cheaper alternative. As opposed to paying for a professional cocktail making class, buy a cocktail recipe book (or get some recipes online), invite your friends round and get creating. This makes pre-drinks unique and you can create everything from classic cocktails to your own concoctions. Implement a dress code to make it a classy affair.

3. Themed party – this is perhaps the more traditional option. Sometimes nothing beats a house party as it allows you to have all your friends together in one place. It is also often the cheapest option. To make it more of an occasion make it a themed night – you can choose anything, from decade-themed nights (e.g. 80s or 90s), to the classic “villain vs hero” theme. Decorate the house and create a signature drink to make it a more special celebration.

4. Night out – while it may not be a different idea, a night out in Canterbury is always a great bet for a birthday celebration. Whether you end up in Chemistry, Cuban or good old Venue, a birthday is the perfect excuse to get all of your friends together.

5. Balloon popping – this is an idea for the friends of the birthday boy or girl to do on the day itself. Get the same number of balloons as the age the person is turning (so if they’re turning 21, get 21 balloons). Once you have the balloons, fill them with challenges for them to complete – you can include anything from “watch a sunrise”, to “take a birthday shot with no hands”. As they pop the balloons, they reveal more tasks to complete. The genius of this idea is you can customise it to what suits your friend. To make things more interesting, set a time limit. If they haven’t completed every challenge in time, implement a forfeit.

There are so many different ways to make your birthday special, with these just being a handful. Don’t be afraid to try something new out, because it will make your celebration one to remember.


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