Why Spring is the Best Season

Photo by Sophie Waeland

Spring has officially sprung. The season of hay-fever and revision for exams is in full swing. Here’s why I think it’s still the best time of year, despite these evils. And I’m not at all biased because it’s my birthday…

The most obvious reason to love spring is that it means the end of the harsh winter weather. Wave goodbye to frozen fingers and noses, and say hello to the beginnings of a sun-kissed glow. Waiting for a bus is no longer a case of battling the icy winds and lashings of rain. We can be reunited with our long forgotten gardens and local parks, and maybe even dust off the barbecue, if we’re really lucky! The month of May has two bank holidays, so there is even more opportunity to get out in that spring sunshine. Even if we’re bombarded by April Showers, the countdown to summer has started and we can use those rainy days to shop for our summer wardrobe and to dream of the sun, sea and sand that’s now only just around the corner.

Photo by Holly Welch

It’s undeniable that spring is the prettiest time of year. We’re surrounded by an abundance of blossom trees and fresh new flowers, the sound of birdsong and the call of ice cream vans. Summer may be warmer, but don’t forget that it brings the continual annoyance of wasp attacks whenever you set foot outside. In the months of April and May we’re pretty safe from those malicious creatures and other creepy crawlies – where are those flying ants now? Months away! For now, we can just enjoy the season of ducklings and spring lambs, and who doesn’t love these epitomes of fluffy cuteness?

We have also just passed one of the greatest holidays of the year. Easter is like a mini Christmas, but instead of receiving socks, WHSmith vouchers and giant Mini Mouse knickers that can fit both you and your sister (true story), we are showered with chocolate by every relative and generous friend. And, just like Christmas, there’s the wonderful roast dinner on Easter Sunday – unless your university breaks up late and you miss it, only to be sent pictures of it instead, then that’s just unfortunate… But even then, you can comfort yourself with one of the best creations ever: the Cadbury Creme Egg.

So banish those revision blues, don your sunnies and get yourself down to your local in time for Pimm’s o’clock!


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