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Mobile Network Adverts and the Comeback Kings

The big theme of mobile network advertisement has recently been that of the comeback. As Kevin Bacon welcomes us to the new world of merger-company EE, which resulted from Orange and T-Mobile being rebranded into a conglomerate, a Shetland pony struts its stuff in a new advert from Three mobile.

Bacon, who has starred in movies such as Footloose, Apollo 13 and X Men: First Class, talks about Coronation Street in his TV ad, and is seen strolling through a classic-looking British town talking about “connection”. EE describes itself as “the UK’s first superfast mobile network”, and Bacon makes a welcome return to the screen.

A slice of Kevin Bacon in EE’s first TV ad.

Three, a competitor company when it comes to network communications, has launched its own new advertisement campaign which centres around a dancing Shetland pony. Following on from the recent British horsemeat scandal, it sees the comeback of the horse: the Shetland pony, in its spare moments away from humanity, moonwalks across a coastal pastoral area.

Not for Findus lasagne, this pony has spawned its own hashtag: #DancePonyDance

Responses to #DancePonyDance show a couple of different angles. One commenter, WindwardRailway, said: “This won’t make me join 3 any faster”. Another, highlighting the light-heartedness of the ad, commented: “When an ad makes you smile.. Then it’s done it’s [sic] job. This ad is simply awesome.”

So, regardless as to whether you want to engage in business with these companies, or already do, maybe it’s just worth appreciating the adverts as video clips for a short while, and taking a look at the comeback kings who are capturing the minds of the British public after difficult years in their respective businesses: Bacon, the Hollywood actor, and the horse, who has had quite a tough time recently, to say the least.

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