Top Ten Ways to Save Money

1. Call in the favours. So you once took a mate for a meal, or bought the house cleaning products for the week. Now you’re out of pocket and it may be time to lean on others a little; with a pleading face and a whining voice you could hint at how poor you really are. Perhaps they could do dinner, just this once?

2. Let’s play a game. A saving game. With yourself or maybe with your housemates. Okay so it sounds a little sad, but try this: take out a twenty and see how long you can last on it. Buy food, clothes, whatever you think you need and stretch your money. Maybe you can last a week, or even a month?! A day, however, is not an accomplishment. Just sayin’.

3. Give something up. What is it? What’s that little treat you could probably do without? Smoking? Taking the bus down the road? Take-out seven days a week, maybe a taxi to and from the club? If you give this up for just one week of the month, it’ll save you a surprising amount and you can feel good about doing yourself a good deed.

4. Share. I don’t think there needs to be four separate mahoosive pasta bags in one house. Do you really need a new outfit when you can chop and change with your housemates? Do your friends share a like for your favourite tipple? Sharing is the thing to do. It’ll cut costs and you’ll never run out of things to wear and it’s kind.

5. I.S.A.’s. Try sticking your loan in one of these for a term and with an average 2% interest you’ll easily earn a few extra quid just by keeping your money in a different account. With a max of £5,000 throughout the year, you can still transfer money in and out as you please and maybe it’ll give you an incentive to save!

6. Take up the life of an Eskimo. Do we really need the heating on? No. Eskimo-esque is so in fashion right now, I mean, have you seen those furry hats with the ear flaps? They are everywhere! So embrace the fashion and wear it inside and out! What could be better than huddling with your mates around an imaginary fire?! Well everything; but it will save you money, help you lose weight and get you out the house. You can learn to make rings in the air with your breath! And then the winter won’t seem so harsh, because let’s face it, it will probably be warmer outside than in.

7. Write lists. Whether it’s a shopping list, clothes list, or an `aspirational` list. Everything looks saner on paper, and it helps you to get only what you really need. We’ve all done it, gone out for the pair of sensible black trousers needed for work and arrived home having bought three colourful jumpers, strawberries and a shiny pair of new shoes. At least with a list your imagination can’t stray too far from the paper.

8. Sell. Sell. Sell. Take a few pictures of the things you don’t need, don’t want, and could do without. Write a lovely little message highlighting why these things are just right for your customers and let it rip on Ebay. Think of yourself as Alan Sugar’s apprentice; making the big bucks, but getting to keep the dosh. That’ll give you a few more nights in Venue.

9. Embrace the month of the house party. January is a great time to throw the party of a lifetime. Invite your mates, neighbours even those randomers you only say hi to and get everyone to bring a bottle. Turn the music up, get started on ring of fire and see where it goes. It’ll save you money on over-priced drinks and you’ll have a few tales to tell afterwards.

10. And finally, make use of your student card. You never know where you can use it! Just ask. Free Maccy’s cheese burger anyone?


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  1. Mel

    Jan 30. 2013

    Timely article – January is often for the full timers #operationpoverty

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