The Ten Most Annoying People You Meet at Uni

The Ten Most Annoying People You Meet at Uni


Anne Suslak gives us a run down of the top 10 most annoying types of people we’ll meet whilst at university.

1. The Drunken Party Animal

It’s a weekday night, you have a 9am lecture the next day, but the Drunken Party Animal comes back at three in the morning and makes themselves the world’s loudest sandwich.

2. The Ghost Housemate

You met them in Fresher’s Week but have hardly seen them since. Occasionally you run into them in the kitchen and make awkward small talk. Nobody outside the house believes they exist.

3. The Stoner

You once made the mistake of wearing nice clothes while in the presence of The Stoner, and then had to change because your clothes smelt of weed.

4. The Isolated Academic

This person allegedly gets marks in the 80s and 90s, but you have never seen them outside seminars because they’ve sacrificed their social lives. Can subsequently become a Ghost Housemate, or turns into an urban myth.

5. The Person Who Found Themselves

As soon as they went to Uni they discovered that to fully express who they truly are they need to wear a top hat and ride a scooter around campus.

6. The Food Thief

Self-explanatory. Sometimes crossed with the Stoner. This person does not observe the laws of sharing a communal fridge. They only take valuable items, like meat and chocolate.

7. The Pretentious Person

Sometimes also an Isolated Academic, this person considers the set texts to be ‘too mainstream’ because they’re not written in Russian. Frequently tries to take over seminars.

8. The Guy in Venue

You know, that guy, the one who gets girls to move out of his way by grabbing hold of their waists. Sometimes asked to leave and then stands outside yelling at the bouncers.

9. The Friend You Make In First Year Who Isn’t Really Your Friend

You really get along for the first week, until they reveal themselves to be number 10: ‘The Unpredictably Strange Person’, only not in a good way.

10. The Unpredictably Strange Person

Either they’re also The Person Who Found Themselves, or they were just weird to begin with. This person is the sort of weird you could never anticipate, but will make a great anecdote. Once I was in Mungos and I saw a dead fish on the dance floor, probably left there by an Unpredictably Strange Person.


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