Lucy Splarn tells us the 10 thoughts we ALL think during essay writing season

It happens to us all … When our essay deadline is fast approaching, everything apart from sitting in front of that screen seems to be a better idea. Our thought process never changes. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through is that final thought of accomplishment – and that we have an excuse to celebrate, even if it is at Venue.

1. I have absolutely plenty of time.

It’s no secret that we all pretend to stay calm and tell ourselves we have plenty of time before that deadline. Yet when reality hits, sleeping instantly drops on our list of priorities.

2. I know I need to reference this.

Yet will anyone ever understand the correct method? At least we attempt to make it as accurate as possible.

3. If I finish this paragraph, I can treat myself to chocolate.

We all need to reward ourselves before deadline day (and afterwards, of course) otherwise we have no motivation. And what better way than a cheeky Kit-Kat mid essay? After all, they encourage us to ‘take a break’.

4. That mid-essay panic.


5. I think now is an appropriate time to watch that Friends episode, I’ve seen an uncountable amount of times.

Regardless of that heavy feeling of guilt on our shoulders, we feel that watching the episode when Joey speaks French, will absolutely bring us inspiration.

6. Honestly, what would I do without this online thesaurus?

The importance of a thesaurus should never be underestimated.

Hmm, another word for ‘shows’ … ‘demonstrates’, ‘implies’, ‘presents’. Life saver.

7. Time for a run.

Although I’m not your average runner, anything but confronting this essay is ideal right now.

8. Is it too late to change my question?

Now I’m just repeating myself.

*Writes sentence* what does that even mean?

9. For the extreme amongst us, there is a stage we question our life choices.

Why did I choose this degree? What is the point anymore?

10. But once it’s all done, the final thought hits us hard… I am now an expert on something I learnt just two hours ago.

Let’s nap.