Tips For Fighting Those Winter Blues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeeling down this festive period? Read Jess’ top tips on perking yourself up this Winter season.

It’s early, campus is misty and cold, instead of seminars all you want is to go home for Christmas and sit by the fire. If this is you and you’re struggling to drag yourself out of bed these last few weeks, here’s some treats which will help you push through those last few essays and bleak winter days before the big move back home for the holidays.


1. A winter classic has to be a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. As well as warming you up from the inside, it also fulfils that sugar craving you’ve been having! Or if you’d rather something alcoholic, Winter Pimms brings back an element of summer. A twist on the original, this is a version made by warming it through, keeping you both toasty and merry.


2. There is nothing better than taking a break or settling down after a long day to watch a film. Over the Christmas period many seasonal films are on the TV – whether it’s a comedy like Elf or a romance like The Holiday, get together with some friends and some good food (such as gingerbread) and distract yourself from those essays for a while.


3. Not just for home, properly cooked meals using Mum’s recipes can tide you over until you get back home to the authentic stuff. Alternatively, you can get into the Christmas spirit a little early by treating yourself to the roast dinner at the local pub – saving you the hassle of washing up all those pots and pans.


4. Often it is the weather that can get us down, with heating bills teaching us how many layers we can wear at once, or how far we can stretch that student loan. But with Winter being the time where Christmas or baggy jumpers are in every other shop window, there’s no need to be sitting in your house with the heating off and shivering!


5. Retail therapy can be great, made even better when the Canterbury Christmas Market is in town! These little huts can be found throughout Whitefriars, with many down the side streets- so be sure not the miss any! Jumpers, jewellery, toys and Christmas decorations, there’s something for everyone – perfect for when you’ve been working too hard and forgotten to get presents!





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