5 Of The Best Hangover Cures

5 Of The Best Hangover Cures

Top tips to get you through the booze-riddled Festive Season.

It’s one of those mornings; you’ve had a wild night out, and now you’re paying for it. Big time. You feel drowsy and have no energy whatsoever. It is going to be a tough day. These 5 handy hangover tips may not necessarily cure you completely, be will ease your journey through hangover land:

1) Sprite!?

Surprisingly, Sprite is the way to go in curing a hangover. Chinese researchers have discovered that lemon and lime fizzy drinks like Sprite may be the answer! The nasty symptoms of hangovers are caused not by alcohol, but the process in which the body attempts to break it down. The lemon and lime carbonated drink speeds up the enzyme’s work in breaking the alcohol down. Why not give it a try!

2) Rehydrate yourself with lots of water

You will be incredibly thirsty throughout your hangover day. Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate itself as it inhibits a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). This hormone becomes low while you drink and therefore does not allow the body to replenish itself. Only drink room temperature water, avoid extremely cold and hot water.

3) Have periods of sleep throughout the day

One of the side effects of drinking is that it disrupts your sleeping cycle, which despite possibly getting 7-9 hours sleep, you still feel a bit disorientated. By having ‘sleeping sessions’, your body gradually returns back to its normal cycle and allows you to function properly. Being hangover will make the day unproductive so sleep is acceptable.

4) Toast

Toast helps you get back on your feet after a heavy nights drinking and dancing. It will always be there to help you back on your feet. Your liver will be incredibly grateful for a couple slices of toast. Normal conditions allows your liver to produce glucose from stored carbs when your blood sugar dips. However when you drink, your liver gets busy metabolizing the alcohol so that it can’t regulate the sugar levels, which leaves you feeling moody and drained of energy. Toast is also easy on the stomach which makes it perfect for nauseous mornings.

5) Wear sunglasses and avoid loud music

After a night of loud music and drinking, we become hypersensitive to bright lights and loud music. If the next day is sunny, it will hurt your eyes and make you feel sick, so wearing sunglasses is perfectly satisfactory throughout the day even if you plan to stay indoors. Loud music will also make you feel even more terrible, so ask your housemates just for the day to keep it low or invest in some earplugs.


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