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Treat Yo’ Self on a Student Budget

Katherine Bosworth gives us the top 5 best ways to pamper yourself on a student budget in these miserable winter months.

Once again we are bombarded by the brisk winter season, constraining our costs by pulling the fifth woolly jumper over our heads; no wonder students feel so out of it this time of year. Indulgence is often a necessity, but when funds are low it may seem impossible. Here are five ways to pamper yourself on a budget this winter.

1. Home spa
There’s no need to splash out at a fancy hotel spa when you can create your own at home for free! All you need to do is browse the shops of Canterbury and design your own kit. Even if you are skint this is a viable option. A simple mashed banana can be used as a healing face mask, and the traditional cucumber slices on the eyes are an absolute must. Condition your room with some slow, calming music for a heavenly experience.

2. Nice shower stuff
A new fragrant soap or shampoo can really make a difference to shower time, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Tiger are currently doing huge bars of orange and lavender soap for £3. Adding a bit of flavour can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

3. Smoothies
Smoothies are a great way to give yourself a boost of vitality and energy. If you’re lucky enough to own a blender, you can make your own using any fruit  and veg produce you like. Alternatively, supermarkets often produce their own-brand smoothies for a small price; Tesco’s are only 95p for a large carton.

4. Gift yourself
Go shopping on the cheap. Picking yourself up a small, inexpensive accessory can sometimes lighten your mood as much as buying a whole outfit. Retail therapy has been proven to be real, and shopping can actually extinguish the blues! So get out there and help the economy.

5. Comfort night
The least expensive thing you can do to treat yourself is to get your onesie on, cuddle up in your duvet and watch a light-hearted film. Tuck yourself in, steal your friend’s Netflix, eat some Lidl chocolate.

Being a student does not mean that you shouldn’t take out time for yourself. Giving yourself some TLC and a break from the real world can make you much more prepared to return to it. Or you could combine the two and study whilst you pamper!

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