When it comes to studying, there’s only so long you can spend in the same four walls of your bedroom or wonder around the library looking for a spot. But there are many other great places within the city walls to study, not just on campus. Jess Duncan shares her tips to help you find the best places in Canterbury to study for your end of term assignments.


When the weather is nice, or at least not below freezing, there are many picturesque places to study outside in Canterbury. Down by the river or at a local park, Canterbury has many grassy areas at which one can set up camp and read, providing the weather doesn’t suddenly change. In this case, it’s always good to have a back up ready.

If you work best with a little caffeine in your system and can work with some background noise, coffee shops are some great places to go, rain or shine. A favourite with students is the top of Starbucks, set out in preparation for people who will be spending a while working there, with desks with plug points and table lamps for when working into the night. For great coffee and food, places such as Kitch or Brunch at the Westgate end of the high street have many little tables that are perfect if you want a friend to join you with plenty of space for all your books, and large windows for letting lots of natural light in as well.

For a quiet atmosphere but not completely silent, above Waterstones in Whitefriars they have their own small Costa Coffee at which you can work, as well as maybe buy a book for pleasure to reward yourself after a long days work, if you can make time to read it afterwards.

Sometimes people work better together for a bit of motivation, so if it’s your house that’s the problem or you just fancy a change of scenery, why not organise a study date with a friend and go to theirs. You could always set a time to aim for finishing your work and a takeaway always tastes better when you’ve worked for it.