Carola Bendinelli



Carola is a writer for InQuire.

It may have been cold outside but inside the Store Studios it was spring as models paraded fashions on the catwalk during London Fashion Week Festival.

Excitement was in the air and the atmosphere lively with the crowd of fashionatas impatiently waiting to play an active part in this carnival of fashion art. When I say ‘carnival’, then, I mean it in the most positive way thanks to the variety of colours, patterns, fabrics and styles.

The starting point was the tour around the stands showing the most outstanding pieces from new collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. These were mainly emerging designers, of all ages, trying to make their creations known to the audience.

The most amazing thing about this event was that visitors could buy anything they wanted, with the advantage of acquiring a unique piece. What struck me the most was the affordability of the largest number of brands and how the price tag did not affect the quality of the product.

The catwalk parade took place in what we could say was the basement of the building. The space was huge and characterised by a black and white minimalism that recalled the simple neat style of the accessories.

I must admit that no matter how thrilling the catwalk experience might seem, the show itself was nothing extraordinary. It lasted about 30 minutes and featured some Autumn/Winter 2018 trends. It was divided in three parts, with the first and last being the most colourful and playful in a street style. The second part had a more edgy and avant-garde design, defined by pastels and sharp lines.

Everything was dealt with in a professional way; from the staff outside the building to the models running the catwalk, and it was interesting to have a peek at how the fashion industry actually works. The organisation deserves praise especially when it comes to managing such a huge amount of visitors, all eager to get their hands on the next season’s trend.

This is a great experience I recommend everyone who has an interest in fashion and a weakness for shopping to experience, but also to those who seek an alternative way of spending their day in the British capital. What is best, then, is how easy it is to buy your tickets, choose your preferences and reach the venue, thanks to all the directions and customer service given by the agency. So, go check and book yourself a ticket to the next fashion event in September 2018.