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Is strong the new skinny?

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It has become apparent that a more realistic outlook on health and fitness is needed in society. With many young people being influenced and pressured into attaining an unrealistic body weight; it is important that society presents health with a more positive outlook. Society needs to project an attitude of acceptance, and here Amy Boreham is discussing the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Recent studies have proven that small, healthier changes to your life style are the ones that are most likely to be committed too. The key to achieving a healthy and active lifestyle is to be “realistic” suggests Penny Kris-Etherton, who is professor of nutrition at Penn State University. By taking ‘small positive steps’’; the transition to an improved fitness and overall health is said to be effortless.

Superfoods are the latest health craze that has had beneficial results to the health and waistline of many. I have narrowed it down to 4 different foods that are easy to incorporate into any meal. Onions contain high levels of antioxidant called quercetin. Quercetin helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce blood clots.

Garlic also enhances the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells. A tip to maintain high immunity this winter is to crush two cloves of garlic into a cup of water. Broccoli is an easy vegetable to cook and it is easy to incorporate into any meal, such as stir fries, salads and pasta dishes. It contains Magnesium and Vitamin C which helps fight infections and boost immunity. The super-fish salmon contains huge quantities of proteins and minerals plus omega -3- fats. Omega-3 helps to improve eyesight, nerves and increase brain function.

It is recommended that adults should complete half an hour’s exercise a day. Surprisingly this is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, for example walking to a friend or taking a longer route to a lecture. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, doing 10 sit ups before you go to bed. Exercise can be free and enjoyable such as taking an upbeat exercise class such as zumba or yoga. Exercise can also be sociable by joining a local sports team or going for a jog with some friends.

As simple as it sounds, achieving a good night’s sleep can improve the mood, memory and health. Research suggests that getting at least 8 hours of sleep can reduce the chances of strokes, heart attacks and high cholesterol. Experts suggest incorporating a bed time routine such as reading or having a cup of green tea before bed helps to improve the quality of sleep. Green tea helps to boost the metabolism, so after a long day helps to settle the stomach and reduce any carbohydrates being converted to fats.


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  1. Interesting facts. Especially the one about garlic.


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