Maddy Tucker



Maddy is studying English Literature and Language. She enjoys photography, reading, and writing about lifestyle and culture.

Throughout your time at university your bedroom is a space where you can be at your most productive and find complete relaxation. Therefore it is important to make it feel as inviting as possible. Here are five tips to make your room feel like a home away from home.

Cosy bedding

Bringing your bedding from home is a good way to instantly personalise your room. After a hectic working day or a night out, there’s nothing better than crashing out in bed, your bed. So go mad with blankets and cushions, the cosier the better. For added familiarity, you might want to use the same washing powder that you use at home.

Fairy lights

Lighting can really transform the feel of your room, whether it’s a desk lamp for frantic late-night essay writing or fairy lights for chilling out with a film. Battery-powered fairy lights are a fire-safe option and you can pick them up almost anywhere!

Homely scents

Picking a nice scent for your room is sure to lift your spirits. Although candles aren’t allowed in halls, room diffusers are an excellent alternative. You can also mix up the scent depending on the season; perhaps something warm and spicy for the winter months, and a slightly more fresh, more light, scent for the summer.


Adding some greenery can make all the difference. Research has shown how beneficial it is to have something ‘living’ in your room. As well as being a good way to decorate your space, plants provide real health benefits such as purifying the air. They’re also proven to enhance focus and lower stress. Just remember to water them before you go away for the holidays…


Perhaps the most important tip for making your room your own is plastering your pin board or walls with photos: lots and lots of photos. Surrounding yourself with pictures of your loved ones and happy memories can really give you a boost. You might also want to pin up any letters or postcards from home as well as your favourite film posters and artwork. It won’t take long to personalise your room exactly how you like it and you have the whole year to keep adding special touches. However, it’s always worth remembering that as important as it is to make your university room as cosy as possible, be sure to prop your door open occasionally and make your flatmates welcome.