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Party of One

Rosie Toy tells us why being a party of one is the best thing ever!

Going out as a party of one is often viewed with negative connotations; people who go out alone are seen as weird, lonely or pathetic. This is a view which doesn’t make any sense to me. As independent adults, none of us should feel the need to have company wherever we go to be considered as ‘normal’. It’s ridiculous, especially when going out alone can be both an empowering and enjoyable thing to do, and here’s why…

Going to the Cinema:
When you want to see a film that you have been excited about for months, there is NOTHING more annoying than when your friends can’t be bothered to go to the cinema or have no interest in the film what-so-ever. This is particularly a problem at the moment, during the season of award shows, when the need to see nominated films is more prominent than ever. Eventually it is time to make a stand, give up attempts at persuading someone to accompany you, and go it alone. And it’s actually one of the best things. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about organising times and dates and buses, which always seems to be more work than it should be. Secondly, you can decide where to sit, guaranteeing not craning your neck at the front, squinting from the back, or sitting behind someone who you swear could have a head the size of a planet with the way they’re blocking your view. You can also completely focus on the film – something especially useful if you’re a film buff who has friends who say things like “Oh it’s that guy!” every time a new actor appears on screen. Extra bonus: you don’t have to share your popcorn!

Going to a restaurant or café:
Eating alone tends to feel much more daunting than going to the cinema, however, getting out of the house with a good book and a delicious meal can be very relaxing. Being alone with your thoughts and away from the responsibilities of student life, if only for an hour, can give you a well-deserved time out and a chance to explore new food that others might not have wanted to try. To top it all off, you don’t have to worry about being judged for having the most chocolatey desert on the menu.

Joining a new society:
Especially for those of us who are shy, joining a new society alone can seem scary. It is often easy to miss out on something you could really enjoy because of the fear that you’ll be left out or that everyone else will know each other. However, going to a society alone is probably one of the best things you could do. Being there alone forces you to talk to new people, rather than sticking in your comfort zone, not only improving your confidence and independence, but also giving you the chance to meet awesome new friends.

Ultimately we all need to ignore the strange misconceptions that society has about going out alone, because if we can’t be comfortable in our own company, how can we hope to be comfortable in anyone elses?

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