The 1990’s gave us the Tamagotchi, text messages, the Spice Girls, and even the world wide web. While I’m happy about the extinction of some trends by the start of the noughties (bowl cuts, I’m talking to you), 90’s fashion gave us some iconic looks. Honestly, what would our world look like today without high-waisted trousers? I’ll tell you. A lot of exhausted abdomens, that’s what. As primary inspiration for this article, I’d like to thank my mum: for having great style back in the day, keeping around clothes long enough for them to be considered vintage, and having a much better body than me in her younger years so that I have to suck in my soul to squeeze into her old trousers.


Outfit #1

Mom jeans are a staple to every girl’s wardrobe. I mean, where have these been all my life when I’ve been stressed by the demands of skinny jeans? The best part is, chances are your mum has a pair, and if you ask nicely, or sneak in her closet like I do, you can probably borrow them. This top, however, originally struck me as too difficult to style, until I realised this type of crop has been flooding up stores as of late, and I’m not a quitter. With a pair of high waisted trousers and a plunge layered necklace, groovy-casual becomes your perfect retro/millennial collab.


Outfit #2

After months of searching for the perfect addition to everyone’s wardrobe: a denim jacket, I’m talking the right shade, cut, and fade, I found my holy saviour hanging up in my parent’s wardrobe. These trousers were also a gift from god, as when I wear them I receive a number of questions from people wondering where I got them from. To which I gleefully answer: ‘my mom!’. The key to styling vintage trousers (seen in this outfit and the next’s) is in the rolls. Cuffing the end of the legs helps us advance past bootcuts, creating a tapered look that brings the trousers into the modern age. To my delight, vintage trousers are often high-waisted, which impressively suits my wardrobe- as if I needed another excuse to wear a crop top.


Outfit #3

Although it took a fishing line and a tub of Vaseline to get out of them, high-waisted colour trousers are quintessentially 90’s, not to mention incredibly body flattering. Pair it with a padded shoulder striped crop top, barely-there black heels, and stand outside a vinyl store, and you might actually feel like you’re in a Salt-n-Pepa music video.


Outfit #4

My mum gave me this shirt along with the tie that I confidently had no clue how to wear. Luckily, it ended up being less intimidating than I thought; with a beige faux leather skirt and white shoes with frilly socks I felt geek autumnal chic, and laying amongst fallen leaves was just the cherry on top.

The best part about vintage clothes how incredibly accessible they are, hence why this article quickly turned into an editor photoshoot excuse. Victoria grabbed one of her dad’s jumpers and Isabelle styled an old school striped shirt with a rare vintage gem: coloured belts, and we started posing. To look like you’re having as much fun as us in these pictures, all you have to do sneak into your parent’s wardrobe or take a trip to your local charity shop, and you’re all set. Happy styling!