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Review: Creams Café

Victoria Rees

Victoria Rees is InQuire’s website lifestyle editor, and enjoys reading and writing articles about food, health and fashion.

Creams Café has recently opened up in Canterbury on Palace Street and is a haven for all sweet-toothed people out there.

The steam-punk décor adds a grown-up feeling to the café, making the childish obsession with sugar feel like an adult guilty pleasure. It helped to offset the sense of saccharinity the ice cream display makes you feel. Their decadent menu includes waffles, pancakes and sundaes with various fruity and chocolatey toppings.

Opting for the Oreo Overload sundae, I was not disappointed. The ice cream included chocolate chips with vanilla whip ice cream on top. To finish, crushed Oreo cookies was sprinkled over the ice cream and the chocolate sauce completed the dessert. The crowning glory was a wafer, with the Creams logo on it. The sundae was huge, and whilst not impossible for some to finish, many would struggle. Being very sweet, it made it very hard to get through. Drinks can be bought at the till, to wash all the chocolate down.

The service was impeccable, with our waiter guiding us to the table and telling us the process for payment at the till. Once the orders came through, they checked back to ensure the order was to a satisfactory standard. The staff were very welcoming and helpful.

Most items on the menu range from £5-£8. While the portion sizes match the price you pay, the struggle to get through the dessert feels like a waste.

Overall, Creams is an experience. It is a great way to spend an afternoon and has a great choice of desserts, but frequent visits would quickly become tiring.

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