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Up Your Spring/Summer Fashion Game

Heather Guthrie

Heather is currently studying English and American Literature. She is mad for any music, Indie to ABBA.

‘Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.’

Now this may be hard to believe, but spring is here. I know that you’re remembering the beast from the east and laughing at me but I assure you, it is spring. Finally the hot weather is here (or was here). Sacrifice your winter jumpers, scarves and gloves; here are the 2018 spring/summer trends according to Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and (most importantly) me.


Marie Claire:

‘The big news, lilac, the most Queen Mums-y of shades, is set for a major comeback.’

Surprise, surprise, it’s pastels. I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone. Spring, the time of Easter and rebirth has become synonymous with a wash of colour reminiscent of Brighton beach huts. But – feel free to shake off the pastels you bought last year, and embrace a new style.

An overarching theme this season seems to be ‘ugly chic’; taking ugly sportswear and making it ‘so bad it’s good’. Think Rihanna. Mix that with 80’s vibes (fresh off that last season of Stranger Things, we all know that’s the main reason behind the resurgence of synth music and mom jeans) and you have yourself a trend. The shell suit is back people.

Pictured here on the ASOS website,



Cycling shorts. I’m not joking. Vogue literally triumphs ‘cycling shorts’. Now I’m not here to argue with the fashion bible, I think spandex is a look. Ultimately not very wearable but sure, 80’s vibes are back.

Vogue also mentions the tracksuit. ‘Try the tracksuit 3.0: A grass green pair of nylon jogging bottoms, embellished with neat racing stripes of beading, sequins and ribbon’. You’ve heard it here first, sequined jogging bottoms.



Cosmo recommends mixing sheers with solids, perhaps a mesh shirt and a black block skirt for the perfect blend. Subtly sexy with a black bra underneath. Cosmo are also reclaiming ‘rave wear’ with that 80’s disco look. Think flash dance but less hairspray. Essentially for this trend, find that Halloween costume where you damaged your hair beyond repair and put more glitter on that outfit. Disco Ball chic.

Essentially, these trends seem out there and frankly…flammable, with an abundance of nylon, mesh and glitter. Overarching themes of sportswear, 80’s reminiscence and of course, pastels, reverb through these spring/summer 2018 trends. Personally, I don’t think they’re unwearable but spandex cycling shorts aren’t for everyone. Consider instead: a tapered pair of checker trousers, a chunky shoe (which are very in right now), an oversized blazer and a sheer top underneath. We can maybe leave the shorts to the Tour de France.

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