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Start Your Day Right

Rachel Claxton

Rachel is studying English and American Literature. She enjoys reading and writing about culture, lifestyle, politics and social issues.

For many students it can be a struggle to balance the combination of early starts, mountains of work, and a hectic social life. However, there are certain lifestyle changes that you can make to ensure that each day gets off to a good start. So if you are looking to be more productive this term, read on…

Get eight hours sleep

An important step to preparing for a productive day is by getting enough sleep the night before. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to stay up till the early hours to finish an essay when deadlines are looming, this can actually be counter-productive. Too little sleep leaves you unable to concentrate, meaning you will find it difficult to work efficiently the next day. Healthy adults need between seven and nine hours sleep a night, so getting this is one way to ensure that you start your day feeling fresh and wide awake; ready to tackle what’s ahead.

Plan your outfit the night before

If hurriedly trying to find your favourite pair of jeans as you rush to a 9am lecture is a familiar scenario, this tip is for you! You can save so much time by planning and laying out your clothes for the next day the night before. This will also put an end to those disastrous situations when you realise that the top you were planning to wear is actually lying crumpled at the bottom of your laundry pile.

Organise your things early

Be it books, stationery, or your keys, it can be so easy to forget things as you race out of the door in the morning. Save the stress of not having a pen that works or a vital textbook by ensuring the previous evening that your bag is organised.

Have a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast fuels you for the day ahead, so skipping this meal can really affect how productive you are throughout the day. Even if you don’t have the time to prepare a big cooked breakfast before an early morning lecture, a bowl of porridge or a quick slice of toast can be just as beneficial. Additionally, studies have shown certain foods are “brainfoods” that can boost your memory and ability to concentrate including egg yolks, blueberries and avocado. If you can include any of these in your morning meal, they will help to energise you for your busy day ahead.

Make a plan

Buying yourself a planner is a great way to ensure that every day is productive. By dedicating five minutes each morning to writing down tasks that you need to complete, you will begin the day feeling organised and avoid having to rush work at the last minute.

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