When looking at today’s fashion trends it is undeniable that the majority are recycled, and modernised with a twenty-first century kick. Trousers alone – we have the mom jeans from the 90s, flares from the 70s, and vinyls from the 80s. It seems those decades in particular have had a distinct effect on today’s fashion.


The 90s

‘Friends’, ‘The Breakfast Club’, and most iconically, ‘Clueless’, are all textbook examples of some of the trends in the 90s, and are a perfect place to take inspiration from for today.

The Chequered Skirt: Everyone knows chequered skirts are in right now, and how could they not be after seeing ‘Cher’ rock it out in ‘Clueless’. Pair a coloured plaid with a pair of knee high socks and some cute trainers, with a cropped slogan top or jumper and you’ve got the look. Add a denim jacket and you could seamlessly slip right into ‘Saved by the Bell’.

Mom Jeans: With a cute crop top and some over the ankle socks and trainers, this is a classic 90s look. Or throw on some ankle boots, a bralette and leather jacket, add some fishnet tights and you’ve got the grungy, twenty first century twist.

Dungarees: Again, a classic for the 90s. Either with a cute vest top and trainers for the summer, or add a colourful jumper underneath and bam, an adorable autumn outfit.


The 80s

Although the 80s may be an era I’m sure is universally recognised as over-confident and cringeworthy, there are more elements than you may realise which don’t have to be left behind, as neon leg warmers and tutus have been…

Thigh-High: Whether this is body suits or swimwear – they are definitely in. A bodysuit featuring the retro look of ‘high-leg’ holes each side and a pair of low rise jeans is a guaranteed effortlessly sexy look.

Vinyl: A trend which has exploded in both runway and high street looks, vinyl can be used for just about everything. Vinyl trousers, boots, bodysuits, I’ve even seen a vinyl bikini–although I don’t know if I’d manage to wear that myself. Vinyl clothing can instantly dress any outfit up, whether it’s on shoes or trousers.

Bold Patterns: Perhaps one of the most classic trends in the 80s, most prominently seen today in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. While the show does continue on into the 90s, it maintains a fierce relationship with 80s style classics. Large, bold, colourful (and often clashing) patterns were big at the time, and can definitely still be seen today (although perhaps to a lesser extreme). This can particularly be seen in the current trend of animal prints, evident in the latest edition of Vogue. Add any patterned item, animal print or other, to some more subtle counterparts, and it will make any outfit exciting.


The 70s

Finally making a comeback in more recent years, the 70s was a decade of strong statement pieces, power-dressing and making a change.

Flares: Whether its bell-bottom jeans or flute sleeves, the flare is thriving everywhere, and I don’t think it’s ever looked so good. Pair a flute sleeved top or jumper with any pair of jeans or skirt and it will liven any outfit up. To flares, add a cropped fitted jumper for winter or a halter neck top for summer and bam, a statement look already. Want to be subtler? Lessen the flare. The larger the flare the larger the impact.

Platform heels: Again, a classic. Although they may look daunting, they aren’t as terrifying as they seem. Whether its platform boots or sandals, they can make any outfit ready for a night out and give you that same hit of confidence as a shot of vodka.

Turtle neck: Although many may not automatically associate the turtle neck with the 70s, looking back they are recognisably a prominent trend of the time. Adding a bright coloured turtleneck with a skirt, jeans, or even under a t-shirt can make an outfit look chic (and just that must warmer!)