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Top 10 Tips for New Vegans

Heather Guthrie

Heather is currently studying English and American Literature. She is mad for any music, Indie to ABBA.

Whether you’re going vegan for ethical reasons, health reasons, or just thinking about making the change, veganism can be overwhelming. From one new vegan to another, here are my Top 10 tips on going vegan in a way that’s healthy.


1) Simple is your friend.

Making a rice or pasta dish will make the change seem less drastic, and help you avoid stress in the kitchen with overcomplicated dishes.

2) Avoid convenience food.

Vegan pre-packaged food is extortionate, and is mostly packed with artificial colours and flavourings. Remember to stay simple.

3) Vegan Cheese.

Now if you love cheese, as I did, Vegan cheese is probably not for you. Many people like violife – but it tastes nothing like cheese.

4) Eat your vegetables.

Broccoli actually has more protein by weight than steak, in fact almost twice as much: 11.1% and 6.2%. Don’t just eat pasta and bread because you can, remember to eat your five a day and balance your protein, carbs, and veg to do this the healthy way.

5) Oreos, Oreos, Oreos.

They’re vegan. Enough said.

6) Meal Plan.

Planning out your days can help reduce time spent in the kitchen wondering what to cook. It reduces the amount you spend on your shop, because you’re not buying unnecessary ingredients. Ultimately it will also streamline your week

7) Be creative.

Tofu can be scrambled and made into eggs, chickpeas can be blended and made into falafel. Veganism isn’t about restricting your diet; it’s about reinventing conventional food.

8) You can still eat out!

Even McDonalds serve a veggie patty. Ask for it without mayonnaise and boom, drunk food for every vegan.

9) Take care of yourself.

Don’t be disheartened by what feels like a mass change, and don’t cut things out of your diet without replacing them with something else. First and foremost, you should respect your body and it’s needs, the rest will fall into place.

10) Everyone makes mistakes.

You can check the ingredients as many times as you like but the odd egg, milk, and butter, will slip through. It happens to everyone. Move past it, knowing you won’t make the same mistake twice.


Veganism is a massive change, one that is viewed in society as fringe and a bit kooky. Remember to stay positive, this movement, if you choose to be part of it, can be very rewarding.

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