Head of Distribution

Volunteer Role: Head of Distribution

You MUST be a paid up member of InQuire to run for this position


To effectively communicate and spread the printed version of InQuire across campus

In your role, you will:

  • Attend committee meetings when required

  • Reply to all emails (Approx 2hr per week)

  • Be involved in InQuire’s big yearly events

  • Help develop new ideas and challenges for the newspaper to ensure continuous development

  • Advertise upcoming issues of the newspaper to boost anticipation and thus readership

  • Communicate with off campus locations to provide them with copies of the paper

  • Build a distribution team to deliver papers across campus

To help you in your role, InQuire will provide the following training and support:

  • InQuire committee induction

  • InDesign training

  • Handover and shadowing from the outgoing Head of Distribution

  • Support from the Student Media Manager

What will I get out of this role?

  • Meeting new people and networking with industry/ Union professionals

  • Enhance CV and gaining valuable skillset

  • Improve training, communication and motivational skills

  • Experience of working within a team

  • Learning valuable journalism skills such as InDesign

Skills required:

  • Good people skills

  • Creative thinking to promote the newspaper in the best way possible

Estimated hours and commitment: 5 hours per paper

If you would like more information about this role please contact:

Rex (InQuire Chair Person) chairman@inquiremedia.co.uk – OR –

Mel Lewis (Student Media Manager) m.e.lewis@kent.ac.uk / 01227 823005


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