GK Unions announces the potential closure of Medway Essentials

GK Unions announces the potential closure of Medway Essentials

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Today GK Unions, the partnered Greenwich Students’ Union at Medway and Kent Students’ Union at Canterbury, announced the potential closure of the Medway Essentials shop.

The decision has been based upon the significant customer decline since August 2013. Overall, their revenues have declined a further 15% this year, resulting in continued losses for the outlet.

Although the GK Unions block grant provided by the Universities of Kent and Greenwich is set to increase for 2015-16, it is no longer able to sustain all student services. As a result, GK Unions have had to decide which services hold priority and which services must continue operating.

GK Union has promised other developments at the Medway campus to compensate for the loss of Medway essentials. Developments include: the new Student Hub and café/activity space opening in September 2016. Additionally, an ASDA may be opening at Chatham Waters Dockside in Autumn 2015.

If the Student Hub is successful, future funding will focus on: Student Advice, Activities, Sports Clubs, Societies, Volunteering and late night campus socialising and entertainment provision via Coopers Bar.

The closure is planned for 1 August 2015.


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  1. Andrew

    Mar 30. 2015

    It’s narrow hours of operation mean, it’s never open when I need it. Far better to go to dockside or Liberty Keys for a £3 Subway,

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