Revamped Current Affairs Society to relaunch at UKC

Revamped Current Affairs Society to relaunch at UKC

The Current Affairs Society (CAS) at the University of Kent has now reformed after electing a new committee and holding its first meeting on 4th February. The society was abandoned at the end of the last academic year due to a lack of demand, but now returns with a rejuvenated team behind it led by Chairman Josh Fenlon and Vice-Chairs Jules Landrieu and Emma Booth.

The society aims to promote “the interest of current affairs across different academic fields”, provide “an environment for stimulating debate and discussion”, engage with “experts from a variety of practical and academic fields”, and establish “a closer relationship between the Politics and International Relations Department and other members of the University community”.

They will hold weekly meetings – set to be on Monday evenings – and will encourage any student at the university to come along. All attendees will be given the opportunity to contribute to debates and voice their opinions.

CAS is launching with an open mixer in K Bar on Tuesday night at 19:00. Anyone interested in joining the society can go along to see what it is about, meet the committee, and talk with other potential members.

Speaking about the event, events officer Samuel Betz says: “This event and the society are open to all members of the university, regardless of which course you are on. Good knowledge of current affairs and the skills you can learn as a member of our society are useful for any career in an increasingly competitive world.”

He added: “So we hope to see you on Tuesday, feel free to bring whoever you’d like along with you. As a new society we hope to grow rapidly and can’t wait to meet everyone!”

The facebook event page for this Current Affairs Society social can be found at:


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