Photo by: Daniel John

Photo by: Daniel John

The University of Kent’s (UKC) Kent Wheel is set to return to the Canterbury campus between July and October.

Despite the wheel having caused controversy when it was first erected in the summer of 2014, the University has applied for permission to re-erect the 36m towering structure.

Again, the wheel is going to be placed between the University’s Rutherford and Eliot colleges, offering views of the campus, city centre and Canterbury Cathedral.

In 2014, a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) by Dave Cocozza, the Mature Students Officer, exposed the cost of the wheel.

The University had spent £54,800 to run the wheel for three-and-a-half weeks.

As a result, many UKC students accused the University of wasting money.

Daniel Hicks, a second year student had said: “The way I see it, the university is using our tuition fees to pay for a frankly unnecessary wheel.”

A University spokesman, Martin Herrema, defended the University’s choices. Mr Herrema said: during the 2014 run the wheel had raised £36,000 in ticket sales which went to the University’s Kent Opportunity Fund. These funds were used to support students suffering financial hardship.

Other students however, regard the Kent Wheel as an opportunity.

Jessica Fisk, a third year student at UKC said: “I think it’s nice that the wheel is returning. Especially as it is the end of some student’s degrees. Students will have more time to appreciate it in the summer.”