Earthquake (kind of) shakes Kent

Earthquake (kind of) shakes Kent

Photo: Nick Butcher via Twitter

One of the casualties of the quake, Photo: Nick Butcher via Twitter

A tremor of 4.2 magnitude rippled through Kent at 2:52 AM on 22 May.

The epicentre of the earthquake, according to the British Geological Society (BGS) was located at Pegwell Bay in Sandwich, where the mouth of the River Stour enters the North Sea.

The Earthquake was the largest quake since the previous tremor in Folkestone in 2007. The fault in Pegwell Bay occurred approximately 15Km below ground with the affects being felt in Thanet, Faversham and Canterbury.

Local residents of Thanet have explained how at first they didn’t believe it was a quake.

Annie Newstead, a local business woman to Margate said: “It was like thunder, I woke to find my bed shaking and through the seconds went from thinking whether the scenic railway at Dreamland had collapsed or if it was the tower block Arlington House. At first I thought I was dreaming, then I saw that things had fallen from the walls. It stopped. The only thing left shaking was me.”

Although for many in Thanet it was a frightful shock, some citizens failed to notice it. James Adair a local warehouse worker stated that he slept straight through the quake and it wasn’t until he looked at social media in the morning that he learnt of what had happened.

There have been no reports of any severe damage and there is little evidence of prominent aftershocks.

Citizens of Kent appeared to react to the event in good humour after their initial shock. Many locals took to uploading statuses online with one Kevin Mortimer stating: “Where is the international aid, I need milk”.

It should be stated that this was meant in gest and in comparison to the Nepal earthquake this one was 260,000 times smaller.

Locals proceeded to upload images of fallen garden chairs to ridicule the quake despite their initial fright. Perhaps it can be said there is no fault in worrying what goes bump in the night.


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