Migrant family found on Canterbury campus

Following weeks of unrest due to the huge number of migrants trying to make the journey across the channel through illegal means, it has been reported today that a family of migrants have been found in the back of a lorry on the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent.

Photo by The Canterbury Times

Photo by The Canterbury Times

Delays on the M20 and M2 have left traffic in Kent in a state of chaos for weeks, due mainly to problems with channel crossings because of the high number of migrants attempting to enter the UK illegally.

The discovery of this family, who appear to have stowed away in the back of a lorry, was made at 2:20pm on 30 July.

John Gamblen, a decorator who is working in the on-campus accommodation over the summer, said: “The mattresses turned up with a family on board, and what looked like very small kids.”

A spokesman for Kent Police has said that the family are in the process of being sent to Home Office immigration enforcement.


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