Kent Wheel to Close

Photo by University of Kent | Flickr

Photo by University of Kent | Flickr

The Kent Wheel has had a surprise closure on the morning of 22 September and is now leaving campus three weeks ahead of time. Newspaper Editor Ruby Lyle reports.

Set to remain at the University of Kent until 15 October, the Wheel is now making an early exit later this week and shall not reopen in its last few days on campus. This is according to the 50th Anniversary Team who cited “issues outside of [the University’s] control”. The University has expanded upon this, telling InQuire that the Kent Wheel has been forced to close as a result of the construction work for the Law Clinic and Mooting Chamber taking place on the adjacent building site.
In total, the Kent Wheel cost £260,300 and was expected to remain on the Canterbury Campus between 24 September and 19 October 2023 and from 1 July to 15 October 2015. The funding for the Wheel came from the 50th Anniversary Programme, which had a total budget of £350,000.
For the time the Wheel remained in Canterbury, it cost £13,700 each week for both the cost of the Wheel itself, and additional expenses such as security. With the Wheel leaving, this suggests a minimum loss of £41,100 to the University, although this cost is expected to be higher with the Wheel’s sudden closure on 22 September. The University has revealed that discussions are taking place regarding the final financial settlement.
Alison Coles, the University’s Director of Development, said: “The Kent Wheel has been a popular attraction this summer; enjoyed by University staff, students and the wider community.
“The Wheel was originally scheduled to be at the Canterbury campus until 15 October but will leave 1 October due to the current phase of construction a the adjacent site for the new Law Building, which will provide a new home for the Kent Law Clinic and our Mooting Programme.
“We apologise to all those who were looking forward to using the Wheel over the next few weeks.”
All information about the costs of the Kent Wheel come from a Freedom of Information Request previously answered by the University on 4 November 2014.


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