Security Alert at Templeman Library

Photo by Ruby Lyle

Photo by Ruby Lyle

Students have been evacuated from Templeman Library this morning (23 September) following an anonymous phone to Kent Police reporting a bomb threat at 10:40am.

The University has issued a statement on the evacuation: “We can confirm the evacuation of the Templeman Library and the buildings in the immediate vicinity due to a security alert. Kent Police are in attendance. This information will be updated as soon as we know more.”

Reports suggest that students were fully evacuated by 11:30am from the library and surrounding areas. The evacuated locations include the Templeman Library, Marlowe, Eliot, Rutherford, the Rutherford Annex, Cornwallis, the Gulbenkian, and Grimond.

Photo by Ruby Lyle

Photo by Ruby Lyle

Students are currently gathered on the plaza in the centre of campus and have been cordoned off from accessing the library by all routes by Kent staff. The police are currently stationed at Giles Lane and have said: “Police were called to the Canterbury campus at 10.40am after an anonymous phone call to the University caused concern. As a precaution the library has been evacuated and the area is being searched.”

Due to the current situation, Stagecoach are no longer running services to the Darwin bus stop.

The footpaths behind Eliot and Rutherford have remained open, but the University advise students to only use the paths if necessary. The University have also advised students to return to their accommodation where possible and stated that catering facilities at Dolche Vita, Keynes, the Sports Centre Cafe and Origins are still open for students.

The University has further advised staff: “If [staff] need to leave campus for childcare or other important reasons they should do so, but let their manager know. They should be aware that certain car parks may be closed and be prepared to make alternative arrangements for school pick up.”

As of 1:30pm, the police have also advised the University that the situation may continue for a further hour. While buildings may open again soon, full services shall not resume until later.

The Templeman Library security alert has now come to an end. The University have issued a statement on the day: “All buildings on the Canterbury campus have now reopened following a security alert in the Templeman Library earlier today. Kent police attended the incident. Throughout, our main priority and concern was the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff, and visitors to the campus. The University has resumed its normal business.”

KTV News have also issued their report on the Templeman Library evacuation.


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