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Your new Kent Union Vice-President (Welfare)

Your new Kent Union Vice-President (Welfare)

Congratulations to Clara Lee, your new Kent Union Vice-President (Welfare)!

Some of her policy points include:

  • A crossing on St Stephen’s Road (Tyler Hill)
  • More events for international and exchange students
  • Improved on-campus laundry facilities
  • Stronger college identities

Here is the vote breakdown: 

There were 3,756 votes cast.

Clara Lee received 1,629 votes

Beverley Isibor received 1,438 votes

Nic Weatherill received 1,144 votes

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  • Kent student, leaving venue: "We're happy with the outcome. It has been an exciting week but we're really happy and relieved that it's over"
  • Emilio Kyprianou: "I wish that candidates made more realistic pledges and that students were more informed about the election"
  • Nina Mehmi (previous Sport VP)- "It's weird to leave, but I'm obviously really excited for the new team!"
  • Elliot Shell (VP Sport): "I knew I had a chance but I was still not expecting to win. My hopes are to change sport for everyone at the uni"
  • Tammy Naidoo: "Having been in the position for two years it will be good to get some fresh ideas and new perspectives"

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