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Is Canterbury a safe city? A run down of Canterbury’s most crime ridden streets.

Is Canterbury a safe city? A run down of Canterbury’s most crime ridden streets.

At 7:20pm on the 31st March a fatal stabbing took place on Dickens Avenue, killing and injuring multiple victims. Speaking to BBC News, residents expressed their shock at violent crime taking place so close to their home, what they perceived as a quiet area.

However, a report by The Canterbury Times using official police statistics has revealed the most crime ridden streets in Canterbury, and Dickens Avenue is not as crime free as the neighbours might think.

As of 19th June last year Dickens Avenue was the site of 5 separate crimes including criminal damage, arson, and rape.

Canterbury is advertised as one of the safest university cities in England; one that has often been advertised as a selling point for the University of Kent. However, statistics on the Police website highlight the levels of crime and can be viewed here: Police Statistics.

Distressingly rape and violent attacks are some of the most reported crimes in Canterbury, with St Stephens, Westgate and Northgate being the worst areas. St Stephens, a street incredibly close to the university, has had 4 attacks. Westgate and Northgate are also very popular student areas and have had a concentration of rape and violent attacks, with an average of 2 attacks being reported per street in both areas.

Canterbury also appears to be a hot-spot for anti-social behaviour, with 6 incidents taking place in Reed avenue and Clement Close, and 7 incidents being reported at Tennyson Avenue. However, as anti-social behaviour is a blanket term used to categorise the use of drugs to begging, it is unclear as to exactly how much of a crime spot these streets truly are.

There are also several reports of Criminal Damage and Arson within Canterbury, with a concentration of incidents happening in Whincheap, Westgate and Northgate.

Westgate and Northgate appear to the hot bed for the majority of crime in Canterbury, as Tennyson avenue remains the most crime ridden street, being the site of 15 crimes, closely followed by White Horse Lane. St Albans Road, Bingley Court and Knight Avenue have also experienced a density of criminal offences.

Despite these statistics, Canterbury remains a relatively safe city with crime rates falling below the national average.




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