Although they have been billed as headliners for Kent Union’s 2016 Party in the Car Park, it appears that the duo will not be appearing despite having been contracted to appear previously.

According to tour dates released on Krept & Konan’s Twitter page, they will instead be performing in Dubai at the time of their scheduled performance at the University of Kent. Dubai’s time zone is also only three hours ahead of Canterbury, with the average flight time between London and Dubai being 6 hours and 45 minutes.

In an email, Kent Union have stated that they are “now in conversation with Krept and Konan’s agents in order to establish what has gone wrong”.

They continued: “We are disappointed that this has happened so close to the event, and assure you that every step is being taken to attempt to resolve this issue. All information provided by Kent Union has been correct to the best of our knowledge and we would never knowingly mislead students. It is for this reason that we will endeavour to establish the facts being what has gone wrong with Krept and Konan’s performance at Party in the Car Park.”

Kent Union issued an update on the situation at midday 1 June stating that due to Krept & Konan separating from their agent on 27 May, they have chosen not to appear at Party in the Car Park. Discussions with management have also been unproductive, with the Union referring to the situation as “highly unprofessional” on the part of Krept & Konan’s management, and overall “highly disappointing”.

The duo have since apologised for the “oversight” and have offered to appear at an event in the future for free as a “gesture of good will”.

Professor Green has been announced to fill the spot Krept & Konan have left while in Dubai. Kent Union have said: “At such short notice, we are thrilled to have Professor Green on board and hope that he will make our night even better than before.”