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After four days of voting, Kent Union have released the results of the 2014 Student Rep Elections, which showcased hopeful candidates representing an array of different roles across the university.

The results of the annual Kent Union student elections have been announced by Kent Union, following four days of online voting, which opened on 19 May and closed on 23 May 2014.

The elections received the highest ever turnout for Part Time Officer and Student Trustee elections. In total, 824 students voted, who casted 3,323 votes. 62 candidates nominated themselves for the 26 roles, and nominations were open for two and a half weeks, from 31 March to 16 May.

The results for the elections are as follows:

Student Trustee

Rory Murray

David Lewis

Environment Officer

Fiona Pedeboy

Ethics Officer

Re-Open Nominations

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Thakshayini Sriganeshakumar

Mature Students Officer

David Cocozza

Part-Time Student

Ben Porter

Students With Disabilities Officer

Jenna-Mikayla Charlton

LGBT Officer (Open Place)

Andrew Somerville

LGBT Officer (Women’s Place)

Melantha Chitenden

Students With Dependant Officer

No Candidate

International Students Officer

Eliza Isabelle

Women’s Officer

Hannah McIntosh

RaG President

Fazal Gulzar

UG Humanities Faculty Rep

Omega House

UG Science Faculty Rep

Eunice Wong

UG Social Science Faculty Rep

Emma Booth

Eliot College Student Committee President

Andreas Payne

Rutherford College Student Committee President

Mohona Bhattacharjee

Keynes College Student Committee President

Millie-Mae Mitchell-Pointer

Darwin College Student Committee President

Grace Mercer

Parkwood Student Committee President

Moses Williams

Medway Student Committee President

Clara Easthill

University Council Representative

Nabeel Ahmed

University Senate Representative

David Lewis

Terry Jackson

Rory Murray, who was elected as Student Trustee, said: “I feel privileged to have been elected to represent students at the highest level. I’m confident of making the changes I promised and can’t wait to get started.”