Canterbury Unibus goes 24 hours

Canterbury Unibus goes 24 hours



Megan Wells, VP Welfare at Kent Union, has today announced that there will be a 24 hour bus service running around Canterbury in the early hours of the morning. The news folllows the announcement that the Templeman Library will also be open 24 hours during term time.


After years of lobbying from Kent Union, students are celebrating the fact that the bus service will be able to provide them transport into the night for social activities and society events, and means that they do not simply need to rely on a taxi or walking home. The services is to be implemented to cover the St Dunstan’s, Forty Acres Road and St Stephen’s Hill areas. Writing about the new venture on her blog, Wells said “It will offer students a safer, cheaper and convenient way of getting home from a late night on campus or night out in the city with your mates.”

“Many students have been asking for extended bus times for many years, certainly as long as I’ve been at Kent, and I’m so happy that we achieved this great victory.”

Megan (2nd from Left) and the fellow Sabbatical Team of Kent Union

The new service, called ‘Nite Unibus’, will run its circuit from 7pm at night from Monday until Saturday during term time only, and Uniday and Uniweek tickets will be valid on the service. Buses will also continue to run the St Thomas Hill and Whitstable Road route until late into the night.

Previously, services to Canterbury from the campus only ran as late as 00.22am, and services back to campus from the City Centre stopped at 00.45am.


For a full route map, see the Stagecoach Website or click here


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