Rutherford President Steps Down

Rutherford President Steps Down

Mohona (centre), pictured here with some Welcome Helpers, has taken the decisiont to step down as Rutherford President. Photo: Kent Union

Mohona (centre kneeling), pictured here with some Welcome Helpers, has taken the decisiont to step down as Rutherford President. Photo: Kent Union

The President of Rutherford College Student Committee has stood down from her role with immediate effect, in a move that she described as an “extremely difficult decision to make”.

Mohona Bhattacharjee, a 3rd year Law student, has decided to step down from her role as the President of the College Committee, with Vice President Liam Hebron taking the role of acting-President until a by-election takes place.

Speaking to our reporter Dave Cocozza, Mohona said “I’m a third year law student and I want to maintain my grades to the best of my ability and as the role [of President] can be quite time consuming, I want to have the extra time to focus on my degree and my future career.”

Mohona. Photo: Mohona Bhattacharjee

Mohona. Photo: Mohona Bhattacharjee

“The role has taught me a lot and introduced me to a whole bunch of amazing people, but it wouldn’t be fair to the students, College, Union or University to do a half-hearted job for the rest of the year.”

The decision will undoubtably come as a shock to many people, who have seen Mohona lead the college for the 2013/14 academic year as well. “I’ve been a part of the Rutherford College SC since my first year and I’ve loved every moment of my roles as Tyler Court Rep & President in first and second year respectively, but my second term as president has proven difficult. It took me over a month to think about it and finally make the decision to step down.”

“It’s all been quite a big change in a short span of time for all of us. My committee has been brilliant though and they have supported me through the process.”

Mohona has insisted she will remain an active member of Kent Union, as well as continuing to play for the Women’s Rugby Team. She added that she will be “around as a general member and will be there to support my successor and the rest of the committee to the best of my abilities.”

“I would like to thank everyone who helped with Freshers Week this year, all the amazing volunteers we have, and all the amazing Rutherford students for being so supportive and lovely. It’s going to be hard to not do the role, but I wish the committee and the new President, when elected, an amazing year.”

InQuire would like to wish Mohona all the success in the future, and look forward to meeting the new President when elected!


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