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Breathalyser Scheme to be Initiated in UK Clubs

The introduction of breathalysers in clubs is running its trial phase in UK clubs, a program designed to curb drunk violence.

“Are you trollied? #DeepBreath” is the slogan coined by police forces in Norwich for a new trial campaign. The idea of the campaign is to provide nightclubs with breathalysers, which door staff and nightclub security can then use to deem whether a person has taken their pre-lash too far. It’s caught the attention of plenty other police departments across the UK, and it could be the beginning of a much safer, and tamer, night out.

20 of the 28 trial clubs are continuing to use the breathalysers, something the police are viewing as a success. The establishments involved have kept logs and violence has been recorded as being lower in December 2013 than in previous years.

Alcohol being a drug renown for widespread misuse, the campaign hopes not only to see obvious benefits when it comes to reducing drunken violence, but also to see an overall healthier drinking culture in the UK. Approximately 350 people a week are admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning in the UK, and it is unsurprising that students make up a large portion of these figures, considering the binge drinking culture that surrounds universities.

Many students at UEA – who have been consuming 17.5 units of alcohol a week on average – have had their nights out cut short by being told that they’re too drunk to gain access to their favourite venues.

One owner of a late night venue, Brad Baxter, has expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, “I think it’s awesome. It just squashes arguments and that’s a super important thing for any nightclub to have.”

Another nightclub owner described the experience with the breathalysers as an, “eye opener” for students and other customers, many of whom are simply unaware of how easy it is to exceed a safe level of consumption when it comes to alcohol.

A national conference in March will discuss the success of the trial, and the possibility of the campaign spreading to other cities. Police forces in Northern Ireland, Chershire and Northamptonshire have already expressed an interest. Meanwhile forces in Suffolk have already started implementing the campaign on student nights.

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