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Caffè Nero opens on UKC Campus

Caffè Nero have recently opened a store on the UKC Campus, Max Beckett reports.

Caffé Nero | University of Kent Facebook

Last week the University of Kent finally unveiled the reason for the recent renovation to its bookstore Blackwells, and surprised everyone with the opening of another café. Small in size but sharing floorspace with the bookshop, it’s expected to attract more attention towards Blackwells, as well as further increase the sales revenue on the Kent campus.

Nero has been called into question recently for its role in avoiding paying corporation tax in the UK. Earning around £1.2 billion since it stopped paying UK tax in 2008, but maintaining its usually-pricey menu, it’s uncertain whether students will opt for Nero over the cheaper coffee alternatives on campus. Despite this, UKC’s branch is a small but attractive new addition to the campus.

Interior-wise, it takes up the traditional rustic style of any Nero, with mismatching old armchairs and dark, brick-based wallpaper. It’s the third one to exist in Canterbury now, alongside three other Costas and two Starbucks’.