Sunny Singh



Sunny Singh is the overarching Website Editor for InQuire. He is interested in Canterbury’s enterprise and reports on issues which affect the city’s, and country’s, people and infrastructure.

The popular burrito venue has been closed down by Canterbury council for various breaches of its premises licence. A review hearing revealed that owner Luciano Serrano has ‘no idea’ about licensing laws.

Police licensing officer Susan Ginever, at the licensing panel, told the council that there was evidence that teenagers from Folkestone, as young as 15 and 16, were travelling to Canterbury because they could get into Club Burrito.

Akon Security staff at the premises were told to not do ID checks at the premises, and had decisions overruled regarding who to allow entry to. This had, in once instance, included refusing entry to a drunk male. Mr Serrano has denied these claims.

Young people, under 18, were seen drinking upstairs in the venue but ran out one night when council licensing officer Trevor Smith visited the venue – seeing no door security and loud music, with people walking off with glasses.

Ruth Linklater, joint owner of Club Burrito, said: “We now have to sit down and have a long think about whether the vision of Club Burrito can return in some form”.