Canterbury Christ Church University’s line-up for its Summer Ball, taking place later this year, was criticised earlier last week for being “all white and all male”.

The initial line-up consists of acts such as Professor Green, Mullally and Super Hans (Peer Show).

This led to an outcry by students, leading to many vowing to boycott the event. Student Rebecca Sheeres stated the line-up had a “worrying lack of diversity”, citing the importance of representation at university.


Canterbury’s MP, Rosie Duffield, was brought into the conversation on Twitter last week stating how the line-up wasn’t “great”.

The University’s Student Union have commented on the issue, stating that:

“Some students have pointed out that it doesn’t reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of CCSU. We accept that in hindsight that’s true especially when compared to last year’s event where we had a more varied line-up. We can assure you that when the full line-up is released it will be more diverse as we always aim to have variety to our acts at the ball… The fact is that nothing can be assumed and in all walks of life, especially entertainment, women are underrepresented.”

Since the statement, the union has added openly gay female solo artist Lucy Spraggan to the line-up.