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On Monday February 12, The official candidates for this year’s Kent Union Election were announced on the Union’s Facebook page.

Notable names running for committee roles include Aaron Thompson (current Vice-President for Activities) who is running for President and Stewart Lidbetter (current Vice-President for Education) seeking a second term in office as Vice-President for Education.

You can find out what the candidates will be participating in this election and how you can get involved here: http://www.inquirelive.co.uk/uncategorized/election-2018-happening/

Voting will open March 5.

The candidates running for committee roles in this years Kent Union Elections are as followed:


Aaron Thompson

Rowena Bicknell

Jordan Crompton


Kesiena Oghoghoire

Nadia McMillan

Emily Window

Erin Fitt-Boyland


Becky Baily

Stuart Lidbetter

James Burns


Jake Pitt

Omolade Elizabeth Adedapo

Abiee Harris

Anna Mears


Sasha Langveldt

Beth Matthews

Kristian Devito

Douglas Carr

Emily Keast

Megan Hewitt