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Fraser Inglis Union VP Dismissed from Position and Banned from Campus for ‘Gross Misconduct’

Fraser Inglis has been dismissed from his role as Kent Union’s Vice-President (Sport), and banned from University campus for gross misconduct.

On Friday 26 January, Inglis was removed after Kent Union’s disciplinary panel found he had engaged in gross misconduct. He has also been banned from the University of Kent Campuses.

In an email sent to Sport Club Committee members, President Ruth Wilkinson wrote: “Following a comprehensive and thorough investigation conducted over a 6-week period, a Kent Union Disciplinary Panel met last week and concluded that Fraser Inglis should be dismissed for gross misconduct. The decision to dismiss was not, of course, taken lightly and reflects the extremely serious nature of the matter under investigation. Fraser has been banned from University of Kent campuses and, as of Friday 26 January 2018, is no longer a Vice-President nor trustee of Kent Union.”

She continues: “We will continue to support you [Sport clubs] to run your sports clubs, so the Vice-President (Sports’) responsibilities have been reallocated between myself as President and Aaron Thompson, Vice-President (Activities). We absolutely want to make sure that the work we do to support sports clubs does not suffer as a result of Fraser’s departure. On the off-chance that the press get in touch with you about this matter, please avoid comment and refer them onto Kent Union. We recognise this could be a shock and might worry you, please always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about this.”

Fraser’s Vice-President profile has been removed from the Kent Union website, and as of now, the Union has said that they will not comment further on the issue.

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