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Sunny Singh is the overarching Website Editor for InQuire. He is interested in Canterbury’s enterprise and reports on issues which affect the city’s, and country’s, people and infrastructure.

The bar is taking the place of the sweet shop previously on St Peter’s Street.

One of the 13 resident magicians, escapologist Stuart Burrell, is a member of the Magic Circle in London.

After opening their first venue in Broadstairs a few years ago, the branch has expanded into the student city of Canterbury.

There will be regular magicians performing at the venue, alongside some magic-themed cocktails.

Stuart Burrell is in the Guinness Book of Records for escaping from a pair of double-locked regulation prisoner transport irons in 1min, 3.78secs. He will be attempting to break this, alongside engaging in a host of other escapes, on Saturday and Sunday outside the bar between 2pm and 4pm.