21:30: Both KTV and CSRfm are now live with their elections coverage, and we’ll be providing live updates of the night as it happens from this blog, so stay tuned!

22:02 The predicted announcement times for the positions are as follows:

  • 22:20 – Election of VP (Welfare) announced
  • 22:40 – Election of VP (Activities) announced
  • 23:00 – Election of VP (Education) announced
  • 23:20 – Election of VP (Sport) announced
  • 23:40 – Election of Union President announced

22:05 The number of voters has increased this year to 4,633 people, which is 488 more voters than last year! But who did they vote for? First announcement around 22:20!

22:14 Students all over the world are tuned in, including students from Japan, Brussels, and even VP (Welfare) 2013-15, Megan Wells!

22:22 The announcement for Vice-President (Welfare) is coming up soon!

22:25 Your new Kent Union Vice-President (Welfare) is Clara Lee! Congratulations Clara!

22:31 Your new Vice-President (Welfare), Clara Lee, is now being interviewed by CSRfm!

22:33 Loving the Twitter banter about KTV‘s burger VT!

22:36 Vice-President (Welfare) for 2016/17, Clara Lee, is now being interviewed on KTV.

22:41 Clara wants to centralise social media to help new students find out about their students’ union, and says she is most excited about getting a giant teddy bear and putting it on campus. #ClaraCareBear

22:44 Your new Kent Union Vice-President (Activities) is Ruth Wilkinson! Ruth won with 1,886 votes.

22:48 While Ruth gets interviewed on CSRfm, who do you think the KTV boys look like?

22:52 Lots of love on #KentVotes for new Vice-President (Activities), Ruth Wilkinson!

23:00 Your new Kent Union Vice-President (Education) is Dave Cocozza!

23:04 Some great tweets coming in on #KentVotes

23:11 Dave is about to be interviewed live on KTV, announcement for Vice-President (Sport) coming up soon!

23:13 A lot of support for Dave on Twitter as he gets interviewed by KTV.

23:15 Apparently there’s a lot of love in the KTV studio too….


23:17 Your new Vice-President (Sport) is Elliott Shell!

23:23 Your new Vice-President (Sport), Elliott Shell, is now being interviewed on CSRfm.

23:25 Lots of love for Elliott on #KentVotes!

23:27 Speculation for the final announcement of the night, coming up soon!

23:32 Outgoing Union President, Tammy Naidoo, says: “It will be sad to leave but I’m excited to see the new team.”

23:34 The Presidential candidates seem to be getting anxious, they’ve been speaking to Saga Rad, our roving reporter in Venue.

23:40 Announcement for your new Kent Union President is coming up soon!

23:44 Your new Kent Union President is Rory Murray!

23:46 Rory won with 1,507 votes, giving him a majority of 232 votes!

23:48 Lots of support for Rory on #KentVotes

23:51 Outgoing Union President Tammy Naidoo has been talking to our roving reporter, Saga!

23:59 Congratulations to all newly elected candidates, I’m signing off for the night! Here’s a quick recap:

  • Union President – Rory Murray
  • Vice-President (Sport) – Elliott Shell
  • Vice-President (Education) – Dave Cocozza
  • Vice-President (Activities) – Ruth Wilkinson
  • Vice-President (Welfare) – Clara Lee