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Kent Union receives backlash for poor Black History Month campaign

Kent Union receives backlash for poor Black History Month campaign

Kent Union is experiencing a flood of online criticism and one-star Facebook ratings after posting a biography of Zayn Malik on Tuesday 25th October, as part of their Black History Month campaign.

A photo of Malik, half-British and half-Pakistani, is accompanied by an in-depth account of his current accomplishments as a former-boyband member. Social media users and University of Kent students have retaliated in a negative fashion, highlighting that he is neither black nor a prominent figure in black history. This, alongside hundreds of indicates that students are very unhappy with the respect and the representation they have chosen for this annual movement.

Many have also turned to Twitter to denounce the Union’s actions:

The official UK organisers for Black History Month have also expressed their disappointment.

Kent Union have since deleted the post from social media, and President Rory Murray has issued a lengthy and explanation to any individuals who were upset, saying “there was no intent for (the controversy) to happen”.

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  1. It was shambles


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