When you didn’t think you could miss the atmosphere of Kent socials more, Kent Union have unveiled a new gallery of construction photos of Woody’s to keep students guessing when they can get their next drink there.

The infamous bar in Parkwood, Woody’s, has been under renovation since the end of the 2016/17 academic year, and today on their Facebook page teased that it has an opening date in “Autumn 2018”.

However when contacted, Woody’s confirmed that: “We will be opening in September for the start of the new term at Arrivals Weekend. Can’t wait!”

Whilst Woody’s has taken prominence in the building, Kent Union have also revealed other inclusions, notably: a cocktail bar, IT study hub (30 computers), student union shop and two dance studios.

Woody’s has also been gifted 60 additional seats and a pub garden, with an additional balcony and roof terrace for those wanting an outdoors experience.

The old Woody’s, a nostalgic sight for many. We can only hope the drinks remain as cheap and the infamous “Stack” returns.

However, some students have reacted with dismay at the supposed lack of seating, with the old Woody’s notoriously lacking seating on big occasions, such as the Superbowl and big football games.

One regular of the old Woody’s initially said that “I thought it would be bigger” and another concurred in saying that “Surely it needs more than that”, but news of its earlier than expected opening date were naturally well received as “ideal”.

Whilst the new building intends to encapsulate the same atmosphere the old Woody’s had, the old signage will not, having been sold off at auction earlier this year in aid of the Kent Opportunity Fund.

Kent Union also seem to be confident that the building will be up and running soon, having advertised for staff in May in time for the grand opening.