In a Facebook post last week, Origins Bar & Bistro announced changes to their menu which would see the tex-mex theme replaced with “a new, all-singing, all-dancing menu”.

The new menu will be launched in September, coinciding with Freshers Week, meaning you have only three weeks left to enjoy your favourite fajitas. Until then we are waiting to hear what changes are actually being made, with no updates yet on what the new menu will look like.

Origins posted on Friday evening about the new changes

Over a hundred students have reacted and commented to the news, with many shocked and upset about the changes.

Many are asking what will happen to the enchiladas and dessert nachos that Origins had become renowned for.

Origins is located in Darwin College and is inspired by Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species.

InQuire has approached the University, asking them why are changes are being made? What will the new menu look like? Were students consulted on the changes? And will the prices of meals increase with the changes?

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