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Letter of Hate Containing ‘Itching Powder’ Sent to Canterbury Mosque

The Imam of Canterbury Mosque has reportedly been injured, after being sent a ‘letter of hate containing itching powder’.

A member of the Mosque, who did not want to be revealed, told local media that Imam Ihsan Khan had been the victim of a ‘letter of hate’ containing itching powder, in connection with the ‘Hate a Muslim Day’ that occurred on April 3, at the Markez property on campus.

‘He opened the letter, and there was a powder that came out which made him start scratching,’ said the unnamed source.

A Kent Police spokesperson confirmed that the mosque had received a suspicious package around Giles Lane, Canterbury, at 12.23pm on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

Officers arrived at the scene, along with crews from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the South East Coast Ambulance Service, but as of 16:20 left the scene.

Paramedics were also present at the scene, reportedly treating Mr Khan at the Markez property.

Canterbury Police sealed off Giles Lane leading towards Canterbury Mosque, but the road has since been reopened.


The pathway leading towards Parkwood was also shut, and people that were present in the mosque were evacuated.


Any details relating to injuries sustained, or describing the circumstances of the incident, have yet to be confirmed by local officials.

Canterbury Muslim Community England issued an urgent notice on its Facebook page at around 2pm:

“Following a serious attempt to attack the masjid and in particular the Imam Ihsan Khan the masjid has been evacuated and closed for now with police cars and tapes on both ends of the route.

“No one is allowed to enter the masjid so please make it easy for the police and let them do their job.

“This failed attempt to terrorise the Muslim Community will not prevent Muslims from practising Islam freely in Canterbury.

“Insha’Allah the perpetrator will be caught by the police and punished according to the law.

“Please make dua for brother Ihsan and the Muslim community. May Allah protect us.”

A cordon has been set up to ensure public safety, and an investigation to establish what was inside the package is ongoing.

More Details to Follow.

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