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Zone Motion Submitted for Union to Dissasociate From Student Republic: The FAQ

A proposed motion that’s going through the Your Union Democracy Zone on Tuesday is causing a lot of controversy amongst students, but why? Here’s an FAQ about what’s going on!

Right, so what’s the motion that’s causing all the fuss?

To use the original text: ‘Kent Union should find an alternative provider to host a house music night on a Friday and disassociate themselves with Student Republic.’

The main question then: Why?

The motion’s proposer noted in his personal blog that they believed the Student Republic event promotions company takes part in “unethical activities”, and that Kent Union and its values are incompatible with them and should disassociate themselves from Student Republic.

What unethical activities?

From the proposer’s blog, allegedly: The objectification of both genders through the hiring of strippers, mocking transgender individuals with the term ‘ladyboys’, the co-founder promoting drug use on twitter and discriminating based on looks by only hiring “attractive” staff members.

The proposer has also said that he has evidence for all of these.

Who proposed it?

Dave Cocozza was named as the proposer by another individual on Facebook, and has since confirmed he proposed it. You can find his full blog explaining his reasoning behind the motion here.

What is the word around campus?

The #TREND event Student Republic run at the Venue on Fridays has become, since its inception last September, one of the most popular events on the UKC campus.

There are also two Facebook campaigns against the motion, that can be found at: Save Student Republic and Save Trend, both of which are running online petitions against the motion.

What do Kent Union think?

Kent Union has no official stance on the matter. Their role will be influenced by the outcome of the Zone or a result of a possible All Student Vote.

Has this got anything to do with the Jäger Rocks articles that appeared in the news recently?

According to the proposer, no. However, that is an important issue in the debate. The motion itself is concerned with ‘unethical practices’, rather than how many Jägerbombs may or may not have been drunk that night.

So, what’s a Democracy Zone?

Democracy Zones are the main policy making bodies at Kent Union, at which any member of Kent Union can bring forward a motion that will become Kent Union policy for a year. For a motion to pass there must be no dissent of the room. If more than a third of the room support the policy then it will go to an all student vote.

Most importantly, a Zone needs 25 members of Kent Union present to reach quoracy. If it doesn’t then any decision made has to be ratified by another Kent Union body, usually another Zone or Union Council.

There are four Zones: Your Education, Your Rights and Your Union. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Can I go?

All Kent Union members can come along, and are entitled to have their say on motions present. Remember your Student ID, you won’t be let in without one!

Marvellous… Where is it? And When?

This motion will be at the Your Union Zone, which is on Tuesday 11 February at 6pm in the Peter Brown Room in Darwin College. It’s in the Missing Link Building, which is behind the main Darwin building.

Any other useful information?

– You need to go to the Zone to influence the result and get your opinion heard. If you agree or disagree with motion, turn up to the Zone to influence whether it will pass, fail or go to an All Student Vote.

– Mr Cocozza has been hassled since he was named as the proposer due to opposition against the motion.

– Other than the Facebook groups, there is also a #SAVETREND hashtag on twitter if you do oppose the motion.

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