Kung fu, Karate and Korfball at Kent

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By Linzi Algar on 25.1.2024

Kung fu, Karate and Korfball at Kent

With over 48 different sporting societies at The University of Kent, variety is most definitely the spice of life. Having experienced time with various sporting societies here on campus that originally was not traditionally a sport of Great Britain, it has been fascinating to observe these clubs within the university environment.

One of the smaller more unusual sporting societies here is Korfball, originating from Holland meaning literally, ‘basketball’ in Dutch, the club enjoy a small following. Korfball is now in its fourth year, and out of twenty nationwide teams, this team ranks an impressive tenth. The squad have attracted not only British students, but European students enjoying their time here at university. The aim of the game is to have a team consisting of four boys and four girls, and although not BUSA recognised, they compete is regional competitions, leading hopefully to national. The captain of the squad, Lucy Cox believes Korfball to be “a great beginner’s sport”.

Similarly from the influence of the Far East, the University of Kent has an assortment of martial arts available to all. With the Wu-Gong academy of Kung-Fu present for their fourth year, showing the techniques that originated in India over two thousand years ago, spreading to China where they use ‘Kung-Fu’ to replicate different animals. Their group is lead by an eight time Tai-Chi champion of the United Kingdom.

Karate a Japanese martial art has proven to be a popular sport at the university, with it being recognised by BUSA, the team lead by Chris Storey will in March go to Sheffield representing The University of Kent and compete amongst other nationwide universities.


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