Live Debate – The Motions

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By website-editor on 29.1.2024

Live Debate – The Motions

Follow all the action from the Kent Union AGM, live today from 6.00 p.m… – this is the old page all the boring stuff from 6- 7 p.m.

Right lets have a clean page:

19.17: Important news, The first motion has passed! Details to follow…

This first motion was read by welfare sabbatical, Peter Macintosh, it passed with a staggering 100% majority and was a motion to scrap extortionate price increases in Darwin houses

19.32: Motion for the transparency of the arms trade, questions are being asked of the proposers.

19.33: UKC Tories back the arms trade!

19.35: The Tories think the arms trade is beneficial to society, the proposers strike back and to say we need to know one way or another.

19.37. One questioner wants to edit the Arms trade motion, he has to give a speech on why it should be changed, editor in chief of inQuire, Phil Crook thinks ‘he has a good point’

19.40: The question wants to removes a contentious part of the motion, his argument results on the linguists of ‘investment’. This contentious part has now officially been removed. The amended motion is now going ahead.

19.43: The Tories sum up their argument against the arms trade motion to sparse applause.

19.47 : Our very own web editor has something to say!

19.48: the web editor’s question has been banned, the Tories are prevented from responding, he asked ‘is it right for universities to support the arms trade?’

19.50: The anti-arms trade motion passed as sanity reigns and the crowd goes wild

19.51. Educational sabbatical, Tom Christian has the floor, he talks us through what he’s done, cites Nelson Mandela, apparently Kent Union want to go anti apartheid, I didn’t know we had one?

19.56: Tom Christian is now taking questions and gives UKC Tories a right bashing, he gets rapturous applause

19.58 Tom Christian who is probably the most popular sabbatical officer, refuses to answer the official inQuire question, which asked him to confirm or deny if her is running for president, in the upcoming union elections.

20.00: The Welfare Sabbatical, ‘Pistol’ Pete Mackintosh, has the floor, he brings up recycling, security issues, sexual health and part-time officers.

20.03: Pete has just spoken on representation and recycling, but is it more of a matter of recycled representation?

20.05: The controversial issue of campus security rears its ugly head. No progress, or forgive the pun – headway, was made.

20.07: The issue of sexual health has been raised. However, there remains no place on campus for those promiscuous students to be checked. Local hospital provides the only service.

20.10: ‘A Halal catering service’…apparently there isn’t one. Should there be?

20.12: He ends by talking about a ‘glorious brotherhood’ of South East universities, whatever happened to a sisterhood?


20.13: IT’S ABOUT ENVIRONMENT STUPID!, I’ll had over to our resident green nut case, Luke Walter

The environmentally concerned ‘Conscious Consumers’ group have proposed the adoption of an environmental audit for all Kent Union buildings and outlets. It passed almost unanimously and with another round of thunderous (It was more like a few polite claps – Ed) applause.

20.20 The next motion also passes, Tom Christian reads it, we vote to keep the £3000 top up fee cap in place, HOORAY, but perhaps the union should be doing more to scrap fees in the first place.

20. 21: A call for another quorus, count, as it looks like there are fewer than 150 students in the room.

20.23: Once again we have a motion on changing the job title of our elected representatives from ‘sabbatical’ to ‘vice-president’, do students really care about a job title? It appears not.

20.24: The young Conservatives have once again demonstrated their failure to read the ‘rules of debate’, using questions to make an argument. Luke Walter exclaims: “For shame!”

20:29: Someone from the audience demands Archie show evidence for people wanting to change the names to vice-presidents. None is forthcoming.

20.49: This meaningless motion passes, so we don’t have to endure another motion to this effect next year. Thank Goodness!

20.51: The quorum count is called for, it looks like there might not be 150 here any more, I wish I wasn’t here, looks like another trip to the bar!


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