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By Lauren Crowley on 12.1.2024

The Snowball

Having not attended a Snowball before, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I questioned whether some decorations and an X factor reject could make the night any more special than a normal night out at The Venue. I was, however, looking forward to a night where for the first time The Venue had sold out at £15, and this being achieved by students.

All the acts seemed mediocre, with good performances, but nothing that really stuck out to me. I remembered that I’d been in a choir with Hayneszy years ago. Small world.

Taking my friend’s advice not to go upstairs past 11pm, I didn’t venture up to see any of the student bands. I did however; think it would be safe to have a cigarette at about 10pm, which resulted in a 10 minute queue to get back downstairs. This was fairly annoying and left me wondering about all the people who’d paid £15 and had to stay upstairs after a certain time.

Whilst the music I’d heard before of The Xcerts was averagely the same as many bands I’d heard before, once they got on stage, my opinion changed drastically. The songs that had sounded so flat on an ipod became the best music I’d heard all night. The atmosphere, their performances, the ending, with the lead singer Murray doing a bit of drumming himself, blew us away.

Buzzing off seeing such a good band live, it resulted in making the rest of my night very enjoyable. Laura White, a good singer, engaged the audience a bit, chose good songs, (terrible dress sense), however she just couldn’t top The Xcerts for me.

While some opinion might still have been that it was just another Venue night, it quickly became the cheapest and best ball I’d been to at Kent so far, and if RaG continue to be as successful as they have this year, I will most definitely be attending the next one.


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